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    Stainless Steel, Manufacturers & Distributors, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 410, 416, 431, F51, F55, 174PH, Standard Grades, download technical sheet 303/1, IMCO


    JFE offers a wide range of Cr-based stainless steel types. Our full line of new .. Metal honeycombs for automobile catalytic converters. Marine-cargo Hardness is measured by HV or HRB only, depending upon the sheet thickness. SUS 403. SUS 420J1. SUS 420J2. SUH 409L. SUS 410L. JFE 430UD. JFE 430XT.

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    Plate Dept. Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation Head Office requirements demanded by customers with its stainless steel plates and sheets. Features. Stainless .. Ferritic Steels / Martensitic Steels(TYPE 405, 410S, 430, SUS444, NSSC 190L) SUS 444, NSSC 190L Orders are always acceptable.

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    The austenitic stainless steels, because of their high chromium and nickel Type 410S is a general purpose corrosion and heat resisting chromium steel

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    23 Oct 2001 410 is the basic martensitic grade stainless steel. They are of ASTM A276. Other products such as forgings, wire and plate may not have similar properties. 410. S41000. 410S21. 56A. 1.4006. X12Cr13. 2302. SUS 410

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    Penn Stainless Products is a supplier and processer of stainless steel plate in over 30 grades, including 405 – 410 – 410S – 416 – 420 – 440C, Get a Quote

  • Osprey Metals 410L Stainless Steel Powder (Grade 95% - 16)

    Powder Metallurgy, Metal Powder, Metal Injection Molding, MIM, Microfine, Particle size distribution 1-250 microns. Typical Osprey Metals 410L Stainless Steel Powder (Grade 95% - 16) sheet for this material (including material property

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    typical values, generally for hot rolled plate, 10–20 mm, transverse direction and and the global stainless steel market will be based on EN, ASTM and JIS P H C S. 4000. 1.4000. 410S. S41008. SUS 403. 0.03. 12.5. P H C S. 4589. 1.4589.

  • Moda 410L/4003 EN 1.4003, ASTM UNS S40977 stainless steel

    Moda 410L/4003 is a weldable ferritic stainless steel with elevated yield strength and resistance to abrasion. Its better corrosion resistance compared to carbon

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    stainless steel sheet and plate supplied from stock and delivered locally or nationwide. Stainless steel sheet in various grades and finishes.

  • 410 Data Sheet - KB Delta

    nesses 0.010" to 0.145" (0.25 mm to. 3.68 mm) and widths up to and includ- ing 26" (660 mm). SPECIFICATIONS. AK Steel Type 410 Stainless Steel sheet.

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    Classification, Specification, Chemical Composition, other. JIS, AISI, C, Si, Mn, P, S, Ni, Cr, Mo, Cu, N. Martensitic Grades, SUS403, 403, Max.0.15, Max.0.50

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    lists the most common grades of stainless steel used by PM parts manufacturers. grades such as 409L, 410L, 430L and 434L. However, with ASTM have worked together to create the unified numbering system (UNS) for metals and alloys

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    410 Stainless Steel ,AF 410QDT(tm)property data includes chemistry machining,forming,& fabrication data covers sheet,plate,pipe,tube,bar,wire,round

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    Austenitic Stainless Steels. Austenitic stainless steels are the most specified grades produced . 410S. 12. – .015. Low-cost, general purpose. Mild corrosive service. Fractionation towers. 11 Cr- . wide range of colors for use in metal roofing, mansard roofs, fascias, soffits and Glossary of Stainless Sheet and Strip Terms.

  • International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF)

    Founded in 1996, the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) is a non-profit research .. Group 1 (type 409/410L) has the lowest chromium content of all stainless steels and is also . s noise-absorbing plate, Japan. Solar water .. SUS. 430. 420. 205. 22. X6Cr17. 1.4016. 450-. 600. 280. 18. 434. 450. 240. 22. SUS. 434.

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    3.1 Ferritic Stainless Steels. 3.2 Martensitic Stainless. Steels. 3.3 Austenitic Stainless. Steels 9.3 Gas Metal Arc Welding .. 410S. S41008. 0.08. 1.00. 1.00. 11.5-13.5. 0.6. 0.04. 0.03. 414. S41400. 0.15 distortion in sheet metal (see pg 34).

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    POSCO s stainless steel products are manufactured by the latest facilities and technology. 304,304L: Hot rolled coil, Cold rolled coil, Plate. 304LN. : Plate.

  • ISSF Book of New Applications 2009 - International Stainless Steel

    Surface finishing treatments applied to stainless steels can take many forms. The main . allowed the use of 1.0 mm sheet stainless, thereby minimising the weight of the facade. . Grade/surface ? typE 410l/pICklED . SUS 445J1 is a ferritic grade that also exhibits high Material supplier ? nIppon MEtal InDuStry Co., ltD.

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    Standard Type, SUS 304, 304, Corrosion & heat resistance, formability and weldability SUS 430, 430, Typical Cr Based stainless steel R410L, SUS 410L, Softer and better in formability R20-5SR, Excellent oxidation resistance which remains intact even in the form of very thin sheets.