YSW carton teflon coated stainless carbon steel tube slide

  • PTFE Slide Bearings & Teflon Expansion Bearings - Armadillo NV

    Armadillo can design and manufacture Teflon Launch Bearings, Teflon slide structural Filled PTFE or Glass filled Teflon and dimpled Teflon, Teflon skid pads, Pipe slides bonded or, in some appliactions recessed into a carbon steel base plate. Sliding above this assembly is a 1 mm thick polished Stainless Steel slide

  • Slide Plates - Piping Technology FAQ

    How is PTFE used below the pipe saddle? What is the coefficient of friction of polish stainless steel slide plate? . For carbon steel backed PTFE slide plates, if they are exposed to excessive moisture can corrode if they are not galvanized or

  • ptfe slide bearing - AFT Fluorotec

    A typical slide bearing element consists of 2.5mm thick PTFE (reinforced or virgin Reinforced PTFE / Virgin PTFE; Polished stainless steel plate; Carbon steel

  • PTFE Slide Bearings - Carpenter & Paterson Ltd

    Carpenter & Paterson Slide Bearings consist of a single PTFE pad thick polished stainless steel plate is shop fitted to a 6mm thick carbon steel plate.


    another — and this can easily be achieved by using slide bearings to PTFE sliding on polished(1) stainless steel gives optimum attached to carbon steel